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Winter 2010 (Issue No. 46)





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Last September, I emailed a large portion of the Bone Yard Boats crowd as part of the effort to rescue the 1940 Richardson Little Giant 25'. Thankfully, we were successful in finding a new home for the Richardson, keeping another old classic from landing on the burn pile. A pleasant by-product of that effort was hearing back from many of you with encouraging tales of your own rescue and restoration projects. Shelby L., a Bone Yard Boats subscriber from the Pacific Northwest state of Washington, sent in a story that just had to be shared.

In response to the plea for help with the Richardson, Shelby wrote, "Thank you for the heads up. I sure wish I could save them all, but I would need to go about it full-time. I just rescued a 1926 Lake Union Dream Boat built by Joe Fellows of Fellows and Stewart. The boat is in 100% never touched condition and only the original owner of 83 years."

"It [Fellows & Stewart] is amazing, although it is a major undertaking. Original right down to the Kermath Twin Igniton 35. She is 32 feet in length and has a beam of 10' 5". Trucked her to Seattle from San Diego last week [Sept 2009]. Attached some pictures & will keep you posted.

"Also deep in the middle of restoring a beautiful 58-foot Murray and Tregurtha yacht, built in 1910 for the wealthy Seattle businessman HG Latimer. I have all the history from the day she was sea-trialed in Boston Harbor, to her being transported to Seattle by rail. Unlike so many unfortunate stories, this fine vessel has been boat house kept continuously since 1914. The original Murray and Tregurtha engine was taken out and replaced by a 453 Detroit, and I would sure love to find a 1910 to 1916 Murray and Tregurtha 4 Cylinder gas engine. Crazy? Yep! Attached a few [pictures] of this one too."

Murray and Tregurtha was founded by James and George Tregurtha and John Murray and began building marine steam engines on the South Boston waterfront in 1886. The company evolved into designing and constructing marine gasoline engines from 1905 until 1937 and was a leading East Coast manufacturer of combustion engines during the 1930s. Murray & Tregurtha even produced steerable outboard propulsion units for use on military barges during WWII.

While we love them all, we each have our personal favorites in terms of classic boat vintage and design. To me, that 1926 Fellows and Stewart pictured on the cover page just exudes nautical charm and character. My response to Shelby: "WOW! I think my heart skipped beat or two when I opened the photo of the 1926 Fellows and Stewart."

Here's the owner's description of the 1926 Fellows and Stewart Raised Deck Cruiser: "This wonderful Vintage Cruiser is a rare find indeed. Nothing has been changed since the boat was built in 1926. It is original right down to the Kermath Twin-ignition Model 35 gas engine. Finding a never restored, un-molested original 1920s yacht is almost impossible these days. The cockpit and deckhouse are aft with sun roof and hard windshield and side windows for helm. To port and starboard are bench seats, a fitted stool for helm and all-original controls and instrumentation. The galley is forward on the starboard side. To port on centerline is a table that is the top of the engine box. To port and aft is the head with original sink, hand pump and toilet. The salon is forward with curtains and port and starboard settees and centerline folding table. The backs of the settees lift up to provide two additional berths. There are shelves with fiddles port and starboard and round bronze ports. The V-berth is forward with two single berths and chain locker, port holes and storage. There is a butterfly hatch over the salon and an original bronze clock with external bell and a barometer on the aft bulkhead. This wonderful little vintage boat is currently in dry dock in Seattle."

A January 2010 update to Shelby's restoration story includes the addition of yet another fabulous vessel to his collection of classics:

"We have her [the 1926 Fellows and Stewart] in dry dock now and have started the restoration. I will have pictures for you as we go along. The world will see a new 1926 Fellows and Stewart Raised Deck cruiser this year. Yes she looks like a Dream Boat (named after the Lake Union Designs), but she is actually the only surviving boat of this design ever built by Fellows and Stewart. Will she be perfect when finished? Yes, perfect as she was and original as she was when first launched in 1926. The Murray and Tregurtha built in 1910 is being restored, too, and she is also the only surviving example from that once prolific yacht builder. I am glad that I have the privilege of owning them. I saved another one too, and it is sailing here as you read this email. I hired a captain and crew to sail her up the coast from Wilmington Harbor near Los Angeles. She is the MINX designed by Hehre & Auer in 1916 (also 58 feet and pictured on top left of Page 9). She too is a sole survivor and very sea worthy as she is. I just could not stand to see her scuttled and chain-sawed. Yes, I suppose I need therapy. Should be a fun new year."

A 'fun new year' indeed! Shelby and his wife Candice, who "share a growing appreciation for these wonderful floating objects of wooden art," have clearly earned themselves a position among the ranks of the Bone Yard Boats Wooden Boat Champions.



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