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Fall 2010 (Issue No. 49)


Photo above is courtesy of Maynard Bray


Above: Baltimore, MD circa 1981

Above: GRAND LADY under tow.

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<SPRING 2010:  1919 MATHIS TRUMPY 48'>

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1919 MATHIS-TRUMPY HOUSEBOAT 48'. Katrina's zeal for saving GRANDY LADY, her late father's boat, is nothing short of inspirational. She contacted BYB back in February for some assistance in alerting the old boat community to the plight of this 90-year old vessel, a 1919 Mathis-Trumpy Houseboat. As Katrina stated succinctly back the: "This historic Trumpy is FREE to a good home -- but she must be restored / rebuilt." Katrina had until April to find a new owner. As that clock was winding down, she managed to buy herself -- and GRAND LADY -- some more time. However, the clock is winding down once again.

GRANDY LADY was the subject of a Bone Yard Boats email alert back in February, appeared in the Spring 2010 issue of the BYB newsletter, and made it onto the Save-a-Classic page of the May/June 2010 issue of WoodenBoat magazine. I have also found Katrina's postings of the story of GRAND LADY on myriad boating websites and old boat online forums. Katrina has been tireless in spreading the word far and wide.

GRAND LADY was designed by John Trumpy and built by the Mathis Yacht Building Co. in Camden, NJ, in 1919. Originally built as a 52-footer, she has been shortened to 48' with a 14' beam. She draws only 3' and is powered by a Gray Marine diesel believed to have been installed in the 1940s. She is one of roughly 450 Trumpys built, and one of only a handful remaining from the early decades of the 20th Century.

Katrina provided the following: "This boat was originally built (hull #102) as RIETTE II for Dr. George Gregory Shelton of Ridgefield, CT, and Lewisboro, NY. RIETTE II was named for Dr. George Shelton's daughter Harriet after his original RIETTE was obtained by the US Navy in 1917 for use as a WWI patrol vessel. According to Shelton's great grand-daughter, Hope Swenson, Dr. Shelton was Thomas Edison's private homeopath and great friend to Henry Flagler [partner of JD Rockefeller in Standard Oil]. Hope said that Dr. Shelton traveled to Florida to be with Edison as his private doctor during his winter stays in Fort Myers."

"GRAND LADY was originally named RIETTE II but has had many names in her lifetime: ALEXANDREA, EDITH III, CONNIE I, ARIADNE, ENTRE NOUS, HAPALA III, MARJELA II and most recently, GRAND LADY (for more than 30 years). Today, she's wrapped in a heavy plastic to keep the water out. Her hull and various other parts of her would need to be completely rebuilt and much of her small hardware is missing. With that being said, most of the large hardware is present, including the davits, searchlight, deck hardware, helm, compass and the pilot house bits and pieces. Jim Moores, from Moores Marine [well-known Trumpy restorer], was recently aboard and said, 'I was very impressed at how much of her was original.' Maynard Bray, from WoodenBoat Magazine recently said, 'The deckhouse portion of her interior (aka, the living quarters) is mostly original and well worth recycling. Handsome paneling and moldings abound.' Bill Iler, from Trumpy Yacht Charters, also commented of the originality of her interior."

Boat located in FL.  If you have a serious interest in restoring GRAND LADY, please contact...

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