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Winter 2010 (Issue No. 50)





01/19/11 UPDATE:

SILVER WAVE was the subject of a November BYB email alert. At the time, the WA DNR Derelict Vessel Removal Program was seeking a new owner that could present a plan for the vessel's haul out and restoration. Apparently, she was too far gone. BYB was informed that the decision has been made to seek bids from contractors to dismantle the vessel and part it out.

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12/16/10 UPDATE -- NO LONGER AVAILABLE:  BYB received word that this vessel is no longer available. I do not know what happened to her yet, but will update the site when I get more info.  Contact details removed.

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Bone Yard Boats was contacted by Melissa Ferris, Program Manager for the Derelict Vessel Removal Program, Aquatic Resources Division, of the Washington State Department of Natural Resources:  "We have a boat that I would like to advertise through Bone Yard boats in the hopes we don't have to destroy it. The owner may reclaim it prior to Nov 10, but I don't think he is going to. Until we have it in custody I won't know for sure what the inside/general condition is, but I will need to move it fairly quickly after the custody date."

According to their website, the WA DNR "Derelict Vessel Removal Program (DVRP) is the first mechanism to address the problem of derelict or abandoned vessels in Washington State's waters."

Boat Info:

USCG # 224843

Wood power fishing boat 1925
Location: Seattle, WA, USA

Built: Seattle, WA, Unknown make or model. Looks like a halibut schooner.

~60' long, 18.3' beam

Asking price: best offer with a reasonable plan for the vessel's haul out and restoration.

General Condition/Details/Comments:

This boat, the "SILVER WAVE" with USCG #224843, appears to have been well taken care of in the past, but has been neglected in last few years. The vessel was abandoned after its engines failed in transit in early October 2010. If the owner doesn't remove it from its current berth in Seattle prior to November 10, 2010, the Washington Department of Natural Resources' Derelict Vessel Removal Program (DNR) will take custody of it and sell or dispose of it. If that happens, DNR would prefer to give or sell it to someone who has the resources and desire to put it on dry land and restore it. If you are interested in owning the vessel please contact DNR. DNR has the authority to seize the vessel under Chapter 79.100 RCW and would be able to provide the transfer documents necessary for the new owner to document the vessel with the US Coast Guard or register it with the state. The new owner would be required to haul out the vessel as a condition of any sale agreement.

The vessel's story as we have pieced it together:

According to a previous owner, the SILVER WAVE is considered a halibut schooner and was built on Lake Union as a freight boat for a gold mining company. It was sold to an Alaska rancher to haul hay up and beef back down to the lower 48. Then it became a fishing vessel in Alaska, then Oregon, then Washington. Then in 1970s it started being a fish tender. From about January 2007 until late September 2010, it was moored unused in a marina. It has reportedly been hauled out and recorked (with some new planks added) in the last decade. Stern was next project that didn't get done; it leaks around the stern shaft and must be tied to shore power. DNR has not had the vessel surveyed. Most of the information we have regarding this vessel's history and condition is from third parties or from the US Coast Guard vessel documentation. This vessel needs an owner with resources and passion to take it to the next stage of its life.

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12/16/10 UPDATE -- NO LONGER AVAILABLE:  BYB received word that this vessel is no longer available. I do not know what happened to her yet, but will update the site when I get more info.  Contact details removed.


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